The four contrasting materials selected for use in the Business Centres interior (concrete, glass, wood, greenery) are stylistically harmonious and create an integrated
interior of colours, which breathes as one with the city pulsating outside the window. In the common space of the atrium, glass was selected for the partitions due to
its architecturally unique aesthetic properties, which refl ect the abundant natural light penetrating the building and optically increase the size of the atrium space,
without visually encumbering it.

As the o ce market becomes more active and tenant requirements increase, the developer continues to adapt to the latest trends in the market. A great deal of attention will be paid to making the Business Centre convenient for employees: convenient kitchenettes, leisure areas and green outdoor terraces are being installed, in which employees and guests will be able to take walks and breathe in fresh air. Taking into consideration the growing demand for parking places, a spacious twolevel underground car park with charging stations for electric cars will be built. Those arriving by bicycle will be able to make use of bicycle storage areas and changing rooms with clothes dryers and showers. Security will be ensured by video monitoring systems and physical security.
Our teams main priority is the well-being of our tenants and their clients and employees, so we constantly strive to ensure the highest quality and we use only highquality materials and advanced technological solutions:

Ventilation and building control systems:
Heating, ventilation and humidifying systems will be used to manage the buildings microclimate. A modern and economical system in which geothermal heating is combined with municipal district heating will be used. It is also planned to use a heat pump during the summer as a cooling device, thus reducing costs.
• Office premises are cooled using active chilled beams.
• There is a water-leak detection system.
• All heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and data of other building systems are unifi ed in one network and will be controlled through a building management system (BMS).

Indoor climate and lighting:
• A pleasant interior environment is created and optimised using acoustic measures adapted for everyday use.
• LED light fi xtures are controlled by switches and integrated motion and dimming-control sensors.
• It is planned to install humidifying systems and technologies for maintaining the proper microclimate of the premises.

AB “Panevežio statybos trestas”, observing global real estate development trends, at an early stage in the process of designing the o ce building began to apply the BREEAM International New Construction standard, which specifi es demanding economic, social and environmental protection requirements for design and construction. When designing the o ce building, great attention is devoted to the person and the environment surrounding the person, which must be comfortable, healthy and favourable to productivity. The buildings interior will be supplied with large amounts of especially fresh air, thus meeting the strictest requirements of European building regulations. Each workspace will be provided with natural lighting and a window view as well as artifi cial lighting in accordance with international best practice. Special attention is paid to acoustics and the level of noise. Contemporary façade solutions ensure good acoustic resistance and do not allow noise from the outdoor environment into the working environment. Special attention is paid not only to employees, but also to visitors: building access, roads, paths, leisure areas and heavy-vehicle routes are designed to meet the very strict requirements of the hard-to-attain BREEAM safe access credit. Therefore, the building is easily, conveniently and safely accessible to children, the elderly and those with disabilities. The materials chosen for construction are environmentally friendly, with responsible-sourcing and environmental-protection certifi cation. Experts at UAB “Vesta consulting” created the o ce buildings sustainability strategy, and apply and assess the buildings compliance with the BREEAM New Construction standard.