As the office market becomes more active and tenant requirements increase, we continues to adapt to the latest trends in the market. A great deal of attention will be paid to making Business Center convinient for employess: convenient kitchenettes, leisure areas and green outdoor terraces are being installed, in which employees and quests wiill be able to take walks and breathe in fresh air. Taking into consideration the growing demand for parking places, a spacious two-level underground car park with charging stations for electric cars will be built. Those arriving by bycicle will be able to make use of bicycle storage areas and changing rooms with clothes dryers and showers. Secyrity will be ensured by video monitoring systems and physical security.

Our team's main priority is the well-being of our tenants and their clients and employees, so we constantly strive to ensure the highest quality and we use only high-quality materials and advanced technological soliutions.

Climate, lighting, safety of internal premises and building management systems

Lighting and power – there are economic LED lighting fixtures with the smart control system installed in the building. All groups of premises have their individual meters. All groups of premises have their individual

Heating - A modern and economical system in which geothermal heating is combined with municipal district heating will be used. All groups of premises have their individual

Cooling – the cool air for the building is supplied from two independent sources of the cool air: the first one is from the geothermal wells through the high performance ground-to-water pumps to the cooling machines of the offices, the second is through the VRV high performance air-to-air pumps, the chilled air is supplied through the comfortable duct type fan coils. All groups of premises have their individual meters.

Ventilation – the air is supplied to the premises through the individual ventilation units where the air cleaning filters and heat exchanging recuperators are installed. The used air from the premises is extracted through the ventilation units where the heat is removed in the recuperator followed by the air recharge from the building.

Humidification – there is the humidification system installed in the ventilation chambers, which helps to supply the air satisfying the hygienic standards to the premises.

Security, video surveillance and fire alarms – to ensure the safety of visitors and employees, there are video surveillance, alarm devices installed in the common premises inside the building and outdoors. The building has the centralised fire alarm and warning system installed.

Fire safety – there is the stationary sprinkler type firefighting system installed in the parking, other premises have fire hydrants meeting the requirements.

Building management system - all heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and data of other building systems are unifi ed in one network and will be controlled through a building management system (BMS).

BREEAM New Construction standard is the choice that means environmental respect and goodwill, healthy and comfortable working conditions.