Business center

U219 is a new business centre in Ukmergės street. Office space, recreation zones, café-restaurants and commercial space are planned for the multi-functional building. The functional, comfortable and high-quality working environment will become an additional source of added value for employees of companies.

The leasable area will amount to 15,000 square meters. The project developer is UAB “Šeškinės projektai”, belonging to one of the oldest and most experienced construction companies in Lithuania, AB “Panevėžio statybos trestas”.

The architectural idea

The architectural idea is to create an easily-recognised, distinctive building which evokes a clear feeling. The building is formed by two horizontal volumes, together as a unit contrasting with the neighbouring residential buildings, as if emphasising the distinctiveness of a space built to bring together under one roof those with a liking for comfort and who appreciate a contemporary working environment. A spacious atrium is becoming the visiting card of leading business centers. Leaders in sustainable development in Europe do not take on a project if it does not include the opportunity to build an atrium.

The main accent of the façade of the Complex is a horizontal oval, like an eye letting those inside look out and feel the activity and movement occurring in the street.
Thanks to that same glass oval, the inner architectural accent of the building, the atrium, becomes open to the entire panorama of the city, thus stimulating the curiosity of passers-by, providing an opportunity to see the business centres rhythm, inviting them in.

The uniqueness of the Business center

Spaces for work and recreation. The planned Business Centre will be unique in that it will have office space, leisure areas, operators providing dining services, and companies offering commercial services.
Many employees and guests will be provided with enclosed underground parking spaces, of which there are 317. The first storey on the side facing Ukmerges Street is for commercial premises with shop windows, and the rear part of that storey is divided into a two-level car parking area. The building is designed as two volumes of 7 and 8 storeys, which are interconnected by an impressive hall of amphiteatre-type space, so tenants of the upper storeys will enjoy panoramic views of Vilnius. The first level is for commercial premises and cafes, as if the commercial pedestrian alley of Šeškinė continued straight into the building.

The common spaces of the building - the space of the atrium, green terraces can be effectively used for both work and recreation. Various building spaces make it possible to separate and work in solitude based on the needs. This promotes productivity, creativity and generation of new ideas.

Flexible layout of the premises

The rentable area of the building amounts to 15,000 m. Due to the flexible layout of the premises, each storey can be rented to 8 different clients, because the standard area of a storey is about 2,000 m. In addition, open-access workspaces are available, in which the employee can freely choose a workspace in an enclosed office or in an open-plan space, or reserve a workspace in the open atrium. Employee lunch spaces, leisure areas, kitchenettes, meeting rooms and spaces for more private, quiet work are also provided.

BREEAM New Construction standart

Observing global real estate development trends, at the early stage in the process of designing the office building began to apply the BREEAM New Construction standart, which specifies demanding economic, social and environmental protection requirements for design and construction. When designing the office building, great attention is devoted to the person and the environment surrounding the person, which must be comfortable, healthy and favourable to productivity. The building interior will be supplied with large amounts of especially fresh air, thus meeting the strictest requirements of European building regulations. Each workplace will be provided with natural lighting and a window view as well as artificial lighting in accordance with international best practice. Special attention is paid to acoustics and the level of noise. Contemporary façade solutions ensure good acoustic resistance and do not allow noise from the outdoor environment into the working environment. Special attention is paid not only to employees, but also to visitors: building access, roads, paths, leisure areas and heavy-vehicle routes are designed to meet the very strict requirements of the hard-to-attain BREEAM safe acces credit. The materials chosen for construction are environmentally freindly, with responsible-sourcing and environmental-protection certification.

Construction status and visualisations